Hangar Bay Show: Epiode 3 ~ We ride at dusk!

Plagued by gremlins, but it’s finally here! This week, why Batman may be the worst comic out there, We review Thor, Manhattan Project, Lil Ernie and more. Comic news, movie news and more.Godzilla is coming,
Plus, learn how to play One Night:Ultimate Werewolf.
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By thehangarbayshow

The Hangar Bay Show – Pilot Episode


Well, I won’t lie. I definitely learned what not to do. But you should watch anyway because it’s awesome.

This time around we talk about good comics/bad comics. Why can’t Liefeld draw feet and have you ever seen Aunt may in a bikini?

Also, learn the game Coup in 5 minutes!

All that and more.

By thehangarbayshow